Late evening

July 05, 2021

Late evening, the air has cooled from the heat of the day. The ever-present grumble of life has died. A light wispy cloud hangs high in the night sky. Below, a zephyr of wind swirls around. It feels clean, crisp.

As the noise dies the space around grows. In inner piece envelopes building slowly from inside growing slowly. At once calming and easing the stress and strains of the days.

Stars come out slowly one by one. Some hidden by the streetlights some bright.

Clear Air

To stand quietly breathing the chill night air feeling it enter my lungs and as I stand there in the night feeling my spirit expand. To grow, the chill I feel is not from the night air but the pleasure of standing and looking. Feeling the atmosphere of the moment spread throughout my body.

Feeling the moment right now with, just for a moment, no cares, no worries and to feel at one with the world. Having peace and serenity course through me. I feel like a twig on a stream cast and floating away with no direction of travel being forced on me, just following the current at that moment, in that moment.

The pursuit of the next best thing falls away, the need for chasing the dollar. Everything just stands still, just for this instance. I am here now in the moment aware of the moment and the things around me. The soft movement of the trees, the gentle caress of the night breeze, the wisps of clouds hanging, the stars and I am with them all. Right now.

How long does this last? A minute or 2. Not long, but long enough. Long enough to remind me there is more to life than the endless rat race that we are all stuck in. Trying to impress the Jones next door or gain favour with the boss. In moments likes these they all drop away, and you see the really important stuff.


Pleasure can be found in simple things. Pleasure is in the simple things, but we push them away. We have to show other people we are something. We have to have our status symbols even if those status symbols kill us through stress, heart disease and strokes. Humans are driven to improve, I get that. Here is the question. In the constant drive to get more and better things. The endless acquisition of money and power. What do we miss out on?

I have an exercise for you. The next time you have 5 minutes in the late evening stand outside. Let your shoulders drop then take a deep breath in and hold it just for a moment then let it out and as you do so let your cares and worries vanish on the night breeze.

Have the moment when you connect.


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