February 15, 2021


For years now Strictly Come Dancing has appeared on Saturday nights. Something to be avoided. Normally I have better things to do but this year for some reason I have watched the last couple of episodes. Stories? I am getting there.

I sort of knew about dance and movement and, in very rare cases I have been seen moving to music. Not very much you understand and even more rarely in public. My love of music stretches back for decades even longer than my love of photography.

My love of stories goes back further than both, this is key to who we are as a people. Telling stories is paramount, be it trying to sell something or to entertain, stories are the lifeblood that runs through us. Histories are related back to us by the stories that have been passed down from age to age, mouth to mouth, and latterly book to book. Cultures are built on stories and morals conveyed by them.

Dance is a story. It is an interpretation of the music in moves. The music itself is a story and we look at it and move in different ways, telling our story based on how the music makes us feel.

River and Wood

So, as I am sat by the river or in the wood I hope, I am telling the story of that place and that moment and how it makes ME feel. This should cause you to have a response as well. Any response is good. Like or dislike, it is still a response to the image that is on the page or screen.

This is where I get a bit critical. In travelling around to all the wonderful places and seeing the views that landscape photographers see I wonder if they forget the story and concentrate on the image. A pretty, well-composed image but what is behind it? What story does it tell and how does it move me?


There is another thing about this, the insatiable desire for people to know how the story was written. In photography, there seems to be this insatiable desire to know how the shot was taken, what settings were used, and how was it processed in lightroom/photoshop. Would you ask J K Rowling what pen she wrote with or the software she used for word processing? I very much doubt it and if you asked her what would she say?

Admittedly  I like to know what settings were used just out of interest, then forget them just as quickly as they would change if I were there. I might see something that required an alternative idea. For instance, what I focus on and how much I want sharp. I certainly don’t want to have preconceived ideas about how to take an image let alone process it. These are my stories, not a derivative of other people’s work. Besides if you just take an image using what someone else has done how do you learn.

I would love to hear your comments on statement images or stories, what do your images reflect, how you felt, or just a nice shot? Which would you prefer?


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