To Thine Own Self be True

August 03, 2020

To Thine Own Self Be True.

To start I have to state that I like Instagram, but. The demon algorithm. So, after watching a number of videos on how to grow my Instagram account I have a couple of things to say.

If you post on social media the wizards and witches of social media have created a piece of magic that sorts out what they think you will like and make suggestions based on this magic. The Algorithm, or Al (can’t be bothered to write it out in full). Al is this wonderful piece of magic that looks at your account be it social media or shopping and tells you what you want based on your past usage of the software platform.


So you get followers that have the same thoughts and opinions as you and suggestions are made for more followers based on those thoughts and opinions, some people who may like your images may be left out in the same way that some books may be left out of your buying list because what Al can’t do is predict the future only serve up the past.

The past is the past and for any culture to grow it has to look outside the boundaries of what has been and move into new, where they are going, expanding into.


It may be that in the past I have watched or liked certain videos or images, and these are served up again but what if I want to move away from these topics. From these followers and get a broader base of opinion. What if I want to change my religion, vote a different way, look at things upside down? Al can’t deal with this. Well he probably can but it would be the same over again, just people with the same opinions and if I changed back?

The followers that Al gives are in the same box as you, marked X, but what if box X doesn’t contain enough special ingredients to fulfill my life an develop as a person, to grow. It’s important to question. I want to challenge the status quo.  What then?

Because I have changed my story a bit suddenly all the people who are in the same box are challenging me, insulting me, backbiting, this is AL’s fault because he cannot deal with the true vagaries of human thought and existence.

Not all the same

Hey, Al tomorrow I am going to eat chocolate Ice Cream, not strawberry whatcha going to suggest then.

Actually, this is no joke. I have an Instagram account and I look at a range of things from modern art right the way through to landscapes and portraits. If I look at one genre, the explore page is then flooded with the same genre. NO, NO, NO.

I want variation. To have my values examined and questioned. I want to be challenged and to be able to express myself in a way that suits me. Not become a Homogenised lump if human flesh that eats pizza at the same trough as everyone else. I want to be free.


If you are all offended by me then fine. Steve Hughes the comedian puts it very succinctly. “Offense is a very personal thing, what offends you may not offend me. It is a result of upbringing, cultural values, schooling and events that have shaped our thinking”

From my standpoint, I do not see people questioning social or any other media enough. I do not want to be pulled down their rabbit hole based on their belief system. Question everything.

Have we replaced the tyranny of Nazism with a computer program that seeks to identify and put our type in a neat box with a label on it?

What if the label on the box says to kill all inside?

What is to stop it?

How would anyone know?

Some positivity

On the whole social media is a good thing. It brings people together But they all have the same opinions wants and desires so nothing new can grow. Particularly if people measure the number of followers and likes for posts. Yay, I got 100 followers today. Massive dopamine hit. We all love this.

I have to get exposure for my work, and this is an easy way of doing it. Instagram can reach 40000 people with the click of a button. I am always aware however the people who follow me are just the same as me. In fact, I can target them in a paid ad. More people liking more of what I and people like me like. Other people’s likes are ignored because they don’t like what I like.

Al says you must like this because I have found that this correlates with all these other people who like it.

Sorry, but no you can’t tell me what I like because for all your wizardry you still don’t know me.


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