June 14, 2021

I am not far from my car. Lying on a recently felled pine tree, in amongst other trees, looking at the light grey sky through new leaves and branches hoping that the rain will hold off just a little longer.

It’s a moment of peace. One of many that I have had today. Away from the clamour and confusion of modern life. I do not even have a mobile signal. It is just me and the silence that is punctuated by birds and the occasional squirrel darting overhead.

Peace and Quiet

I am in Clumber Park this morning, away from the hordes of people that seem to dominate the Southeast. Not in the busy bit, but the more remote part that is part forestry controlled and part wilderness. All is quiet, except the rush of the wind in the leaves overhead and the groaning of the trees as they sway gently in the wind. The gentle tapping of water as it hits the ground falling from the trees. A hangover from the rain that has fallen, fairly relentlessly, over the past couple of days.

A small piece of tranquillity. Time to just stand and be at one with my surroundings. This part of the wood is predominantly birch and this gave me the somewhat bizarre idea to look for some Chagga. I don’t actually know what it looks like save from seeing it on YouTube but it is supposed to grow on birch trees. I thought it might be interesting to see if I could see signs of birch sap tapping as well. Neither seemed to be apparent so these results are inconclusive. It may be here and maybe done I just didn’t know what to look for.

The day moved on with intermittent rain and a lunch consisting of Magnum Ice Cream and a coffee then the walk alongside the lake. The waterfall was a nice touch however, the bridge here was closed and the viewpoint was not the best.

Off the beaten track

I moved away from the beaten track to places that the general public don’t go. Having convinced myself that I was not lost, that it was impossible to get lost I found myself at the edge of the wood overlooking some farmland. Turning once more back into the wood I was rewarded by a path nearly 500 meters long lined with bluebells.

This was stunning, the depth and richness of the colour of the carpet of flowers and the sheer volume of them coupled with the narrowness of the path made this bit of the walk exhilarating. It seemed to go on for ages although not as long as I thought.

Once more walking while the silence enveloped in a comfortable bubble.

Back to where I started this piece lying on a felled tree looking up at the sky through leaves and branches of the trees overhead and listening to the birdsong interrupting the silence.


Everything calm

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