The week Christmas was cancelled

December 31, 2020

A week

What a strange week it has been. Technically I’m on holiday but as ever, there are always small bits to do and to follow up on.


Let’s start with the plans I had. On holiday so up at dawn, walk along the river and take some more dawn shots. The reality is up late at night then rising late, dawn missed and too busy in the evening for sunset so not much photography is, has been done.

That’s OK, lots still to do around the business. Get out for some serious walking. Well not exactly. We were in tier 2 suddenly this tier changes to 4 and effectively Christmas is cancelled. My son was coming for 5 days this was curtailed to one day, but his partner came as well which was a bonus.


I had a trip planned to visit my parents on the other side of the country, but this had to be cancelled. Moved the hotel to the end of Jan. In real terms this will be over a year since I have seen them but with the vaccine now out and about, we can visit safely so perhaps not as bad as it seems.


Along with Christmas being cancelled, we have a torrential downpour on Christmas eve. 18 hours of heavy rain flooded the area and that night my area had flood warning calls and emails. Get your important stuff upstairs. All this stuff lives upstairs anyway.

Christmas day comes and goes and storm Bella hits. Another long period of rain. What this has done is closed the area down. All my normal walks are flooded the roads are impassable in places. Let’s put this into context. The start of my walk is under 20” of water. It will take about a week to go down if there is no more rain.

So, I am sat here with shops and pubs closed and nowhere to walk, and, due to tier 4, nowhere to go using the car.

Moving Forward

That’s the rubbish. Let’s look at some plans, The North Yorkshire moors again. Really looking forward to this. The desolate nature of the moors is crying to my soul looking forward to some proper walking and some good photography.

It looks like we have a trip to the Faroes, but we are still finalising this one. The New Forest is beckoning this will be camping. I have a love-hate relationship with tenting from cold and damp to too hot and stuffy, but cheap and accessible.


Of course, there will be the coast. The sea, waves crashing. Rain, wind and sun. I love the sea, its many forms and looks, dunes and cliffs along with long sloping beaches the ever-changing coastline. Dawn and sunsets over the sea are spectacular. Will be camping there as well, hmmm.

The Future

2020 has been a strange, difficult but productive year. Full of surprises. I must admit to having learnt a lot about myself, what I want, where I want to go and importantly knowing with greater clarity who I want to be.

Here is to a better 2021. Full of hope and lots of opportunities. Raise a glass of something, alcoholic or otherwise and toast. To better times.

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