Your World, My World

March 22, 2021

Your World. My World.

Do you struggle to get how you see the world into your images? I do not mean turn up take a stunning image and walk away, the one in a thousand shot. I mean look at the world, frame it in your terms, convey a message that other people will want to look at, and, hopefully, buy or at least keep coming back for more of your images.

Looking but not seeing.

At this stage, it does not matter whether you take 30 mins getting the image and 5 hours in post or 5 hours to get the image and 30 minutes in post. It is about looking and seeing. Not just where the light falls or the pretty colours but what it means to you, as you stand there, about to press the button. It is not even about settings, at least not someone else’s settings, it is about creating an image of the world as you see it with the story that it conveys about it.

It is about your viewer taking something away from your image. For a moment they inhabit your world, they see it from your perspective. Are you giving an alternative view to them, rather than just showing them something they have seen thousands of times before?

The Tool

Our cameras are tools, nothing else. They can be expensive tools with all the bells and whistles, or they can be a pinhole with some light-sensitive material but, they are tools. In the same way, we can sharpen an axe, the settings are there to refine the tool, to do a better job.

Let’s take one setting the aperture. This is the hole in the lens. It governs, amongst other things, the front-to-back sharpness of the image. If you focus on the subject, there is a recognised distance before and after that is acceptably sharp which tales off in a calculatable manner. So, what do you want to be sharp? The whole image or the subject? In the words of Bob Ross, “it is your world you decide” If the image was for you what would you like to see?

If you are interested, I can teach you how the tools work and get you to explain them to me. How you use them is inside your head. What I use to get my images may not, probably will not coincide with yours. How I see the world is different to you and requires different settings and a different amount of time in post.

Why is this important?

What this means is taking your images, good as they may be, and making them into something that truly represents you, your area and how you felt, the difference between good and totally awesome images. The difference between OK and WOW!

Teaching the process is not the same as teaching to look, feel and see. They come from within and will determine the final result of the image. Good exposure and composition will go some of the way, but will not produce the awesome shots that separate the pros from the hobbyists (sometimes), and we all want to get noticed. I am suggesting it would be better to get noticed for good work rather than bland.

The biggest question I would ask is, are you making a big enough difference in your viewer’s day that they want to remember you for next time? To come back and look again at your work. Are you, in effect, enriching their day by your image?


The next time you look at your favorite photographer could you ask yourself. What is it about his work that compels you to keep going back to look at it? I guarantee it is not settings but the images themselves, they are only one part of the equation. Neither is it in post which only serves to bring the best out of the data.

What I suspect is that it will be the story behind the image that is compelling.

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